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* '''News: Open PhD and postdoc positions! See [[Open positions]]'''
* We welcome Eric Lutz, who has joined the department of physics and this chair as a professor, starting April 2013
* '''Watch Florian Marquardt's talk about optomechanics: [http://physics.aps.org/videos Watch the video]'''
* '''[[Moderne_Physik_am_Samstag_Morgen|Moderne Physik am Samstagmorgen]]'''
=== Outline ===
=== Outline ===

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ResearchButton.png Research - Read more about our research in topics at the intersection of nanophysics and quantum optics: Nanomechanics and optomechanics, decoherence, quantum electrodynamics in superconducting circuits, and others OpenPositions.png Open positions - Join the Marquardt group
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This is the official web site of the Institute for Theoretical Physics II at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. It consists of the groups of Prof. Paul-Gerhard Reinhard (now emeritus) and Prof. Florian Marquardt. See: About this web site / Impressum.