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Research topics Marquardt group

OptomechanicsButton.png Optomechanics - Light interacting with nanomechanical motion has become a research topic drawing a lot of attention recently. Read more about our theory contributions in that domain.
DecoherenceButton.png Decoherence - A quantum system interacting with a noisy environment suffers decoherence, i.e. interference effects are destroyed. This is a topic important both for fundamental reasons (quantum-classical transition, quantum measurement, characterizing interaction effects), as well as for possible applications (sensitive measurements and quantum information processing).
CircuitQEDButton.png Quantum electrodynamics in superconducting circuits - Microwave radiation interacting with a superconducting artificial atom on a chip.

Research topics Reinhard group

Metallic Clusters - Metallic clusters are microscopically small drops of two to a few thousand metal atoms. Such systems lie between the atom and the bulk solid state.

Atomic Nuclei - labla (short description) Read more about it... (link to another page)

Topic C - labla (short description) Read more about it... (link to another page)